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Breninger News


Montrose Molders http://www.montrosemolders.com/ has been a client of ours for 20 years. They are a 24hour, 7 day a week manufacturing facility. Machine down-time is not an option. They needed a way to alert the machine techs if there was a machine problem. So they turned to Breninger Communications for a solution. We designed a system that included a notification button in 50 locations, divided by 8 zones. If any zone pressed a button, the entire facility would hear Assistance required in zone x.


A returning client is the best vote of confidence a company can receive. Harding Loevner http://www.hardingloevner.com/ has been a client for over 15 years and when it came to rewiring there 20,000sft office space, then returned to Breninger Communications.


We were hired by the accounting firm Bond, Andiola & Company to replace their antiquated telephone system. We were able to provide them with a new state-or-the-art Samsung OfficeServ 7200 IP system that included a new Optimum PRI line, 14 telephone, 3 remote VoIP telephones and unified messaging. In addition to this solution, we were able to improve their 100MB/s network to 1,000MB/s. This is 10x the speed.